Me, Myself and my trips


A break out of Lome

A small aparté from Korean adventures, I spent a couple of days in Benin. A simple getaway to ease tension and have a break from my routine. I have to admit Cotonou but mostly Porto-Novo got my attention. In 2 days what was to do? First visit Foundation Zinsou, one of the engines of Art promotion in Benin. They have that exhibition on wax and their meaning and use. It is quite interesting to see a simple fabric can represent so much in people's lives from birth to death through weeding and social status.       ... [Lire la suite]


What to do in Seoul? 3/3

Last part. There is a lot to visit in Seoul and its area. The DMZ is interesting to see if you are interested in geopolitics and actually, it is quite easy to visit as there are different organized tours. I 'm not going to talk about the temples or palaces because it's one of the requirements when you travel to Asia (according to me). in Seoul we haven't done a quarter of what the city has to offer: no clubbing, no exhibitions, left some museums on the side but that will be for another trip. We tried to attend an escape game but we... [Lire la suite]
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What to do in Seoul? 2/3

Being in Seoul and not enjoying the Han river is missing a part of the beauty of the city. There is a trail for walks and any type of outdoor activities as the possibility to do kayak and others on the river. Crossing the Banpo bridge leads us to the Floating islands (artificial islands) where at night people come to enjoy the weather and the water and light show. Let the pictures talk.  Han river Banpo Some views from the Banpo bridge Below views from the Gyeongbokung palace, Bukchon village, and Lotte... [Lire la suite]
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What to do in Seoul? 1/3

The answer is so much!! There is everything for everyone's taste and interest. Personally, I was more about the culture and the food but also cosmetics. The 3 of us were about discovering and being immersed in the city's life. Seoul is huge and of course, there are some very touristic attractions that had been done and others hadn't. First of all museums, there are quite of few in Seoul: from the National Korean museum to the contemporary art one, there are choices to be made. I did 3 and a half: Poopoo land (yes you read it well),... [Lire la suite]
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Inner peace and time travel (part 2)

Like I said in my previous post, temples are a staple in my trips in Asia. The 3 we had visited were in Busan as we kept Seoul strictly for "leisure" and shopping. Here a small video with me enjoying the countryside on our trip to Bulgulksa. The last one we visited there was the Yonggungsa temple. I had mixed feelings about this one: the positive aspect is the landscape: it is beautifully located on a cliff so next to the sea and this a very soothing feeling; but the most negative for me is linked to its positive aspect. Too many... [Lire la suite]
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Inner peace and time travel (part 1)

One thing I like the most when I travel beside visiting museums is to go to a religious place, especially in Asia. I have something with temples that soothe me, bring me peace and strength. I feel regenerated. I am not a Buddhist but I have to admit there is a "power" of easing tension in Buddhism or let's meditation that I can not deny. While in Busan, we have decided to spend a day in a temple, not as simple tourists visiting but as a temporary member of a temple. Our choice was first on Bulgugsa temple but finally, we stayed at... [Lire la suite]
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Reflection and new direction

I just remember that I have started this blog 10 years ago!! Primarily because I was living in China and it was a much easier way to keep in touch with family & friends than Facebook. Then I kept it alive (more or less) following my inspiration and my travels. Not really for the likes nor the views, I just wanted to have a trace of where I have been and thoughts at that time.  A travel blog is about trips and sharing impressions but to keep that way you need to travel or at least find enough interesting materials to... [Lire la suite]
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What about food!

Instead of making a whole 3 weeks sum up into a day by day or week by week entry, I will just choose a theme for each post.  And, of course, my first theme is about food. Do I have to explain how Korean food is good, refine and healthy? Of course, there is the usual western junk food but there is the Korean / Asian one too. And I have to admit instant noodles among others have that sexy and convenient presence to make your life easy when you are too lazy to go out or cook.   No need to say I didn't go to... [Lire la suite]
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First night: I almost died!

After a very long trip, almost 19 hours of travel: from Lome to Addis-Ababa 6 hours and from Addis to Seoul 12 hours... I arrived at sunset at Incheon airport then taxi to Seoul city. When I finally got my room and starting to rest, right in the middle of the night, I heard screams and smell smoke in my not so deep sleep. Here we all were (11  people) in our pj's at 3 o'clock in the morning, outside in the street under heavy rain (it was monsoon season) wondering what happened and what we have to expect for the next couple of... [Lire la suite]
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I am back

Deers and bears, almost 3 years I haven't written anything here! A lot happened: personal matters, life and I somehow lost my motivation for blogging. Those past years  I have traveled but nothing exciting or new: back and forth between Togo and France. Now I am back to my own self and of course, I have something to share. This past August, I went to Korea and of course, I have loads to talk about. First of all my love for Asia hasn't changed a bit whatever the country I am visiting or had visited; it is there and will... [Lire la suite]
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